Volleyball/Badminton Set

//Volleyball/Badminton Set
  • Volley Ball/Badminton Set

Volleyball/Badminton Set


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The set includes everything you need to get started. The outdoor game set includes a net and poles with built-in scoring, along with four rackets and two shuttlecocks. The set also includes a volleyball and ball pump so that your badminton court can be transformed into a volleyball court. This volleyball game set also comes with a deluxe bag you can use for storage or to bring it along for a fun day on the beach. The badminton rackets in this set are made of tempered steel for durability and feature padded grips for added comfort. Volleyball and Badminton set also includes a double guide rope system, along with tension clips, ground stakes and pole anchors for stabilizing the net.

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Volleyball and badminton in one set so you have fun for the whole family in one box.


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